Release notes for OVT version 2.2

July 1, 2002

New features

Tsyganenko 2001 Magnetic Field Model

A recent model of N. Tsyganenko is included. Unfortunately it's very slow.

Fieldline Mapper

Gives possibility to visualize field-line structure specifying a set of ground-based start points for field-lines.

View Controls

Importing of a Satellite

There is no need to edit sats.conf file to add new satellite to OVT anymore.
Use Satellites -> Import Satellite... menu to add satellite.

Bow Shock and Magnetopause

The representation of Bow Sock and Magnetopause boundaries can be changed to Wire-frame or Surface. It is also possible to set opacity.


Representation, Colour and Opacity customization.

Ground-Based Stations

Size and Colour customization.


Colour of labels on the Earth customization.

Time Settings

The text field for specifying start time is updated to be more intelligent.

Updates and fixes

Known problems

Windows 2000

has OpenGL/Java memory leaks resulting in numerous problems starting from incorrect color display and ending by program crash in case of earth grid display or close look at Cluster satellites.

Using parallel projection

may sometimes leed to strange effects like mirroring of labels.

OVT2 is known to run on majority of Windows and UNIX platforms.

Submission of bugs and possible improvements is welcome. Please send e-mail to

Copyright 2000-2002, OVT Team. All rights reserved.

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