OVT 2.3 RPM installation under LINUX

  • Install Java 1.4.x or 1.3.x

    For example - Sun's j2se SDK 1.4.2:

  • Install VTK 4.2 RPMS ( vtk-4.3.0-1.cvs20030930.i386.rpm and vtk-java-4.3.0-1.cvs20030930.i386.rpm)

    If you get the dependency error about missing libraries (e.g. libstdc++.so.6, etc.) you should install them. You can use http://rpmfind.net to locate the appropriate RPM.

    If you get:
    error: Failed dependencies:
            libjawt.so is needed by vtk-java-4.3.0-1.cvs20030930
    Force vtk-java installation: $ rpm -i --nodeps vtk-java-4.3.0-1.cvs20030930.i386.rpm

    Note, that VTK also requires OpenGL or Mesa libraries.

  • Install OVT RPM
  • Run OVT

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